Did You Know Gaming – Link’s Awakening and Mamu

This one may be obvious to those of you who have played Super Mario Bros 2. and Link’s Awakening, but a curious part of Link’s Awakening is that it features the final boss of Super Mario Bros. 2. Though they serve different roles in the two games, there’s no doubt that they’re the same character, and they even share the same name. Hit the jump for more!

So this Did You Know Gaming, I’ll admit, is a little lame. Link’s Awakening is practically a collection of other Nintendo characters thrown on a single island, and even other Zelda games did a similar thing, such as Ocarina of Time’s Talon and Ingo. Link’s Awakening features a plethora of Nintendo character cameos, such as the Chain Chomp, Yoshi, and Kirby. Some of the characters in-game even break the fourth wall with their dialogue.

So maybe a weak theory about Super Mario Bros. 2’s and Link’s Awakening’s plot consisting of dreams, considering the appearance of other Nintendo characters, but overall an interesting piece of trivia.

Source: Did You Know Gaming?