Did You Know Gaming: Lake Guardian Pokémon Represent the Triforce?

According to a recent submission to Did You Know Gaming?, the Lake Guardian Pokémon actually represent or are inspired by the three parts of the Triforce. Uxie is knowledge, Mesprit is emotion, and Azelf is willpower. These relate to the parts of the Triforce: wisdom, courage, and power, respectively.

Maybe it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that the legendary trio represents the Triforce, but it wouldn’t be a bad theory to say that these pokémon were inspired by the thee parts of the Triforce. Or maybe we’re looking too far into it.

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As you can read, another part of this rumor is that the three Lake Guardian Pokémon were created by Arceus, which is the god pokémon. In Zelda lore, the Triforce was created by the three goddesses: Din (power), Nayru (wisdom), and Farore (courage). However, this to me seems to be more of a coincidence that supports the theory.

There also doesn’t seem to be any other strong evidence that the idea of the Triforce is in any way related to the Lake Guardian Pokémon. As you can read from the Bulbapedia page on the pokémon trio, the “willpower” idea comes from “benevolence”. In Zelda, the concept of “power” is not restricted to being benevolent, as we can see when Ganondorf gets a hold of the Triforce of Power.

But there might be something I’m forgetting. If you have any ideas, tell us in the comments below!

Source: Did You Know Gaming, deviantART

  • sam frat

    In a way, they do as if you have the three lake pokemon, you can control a god/demigod that rules over time and/or space and the triforce can do that with the same limits as it can make you a ruler by in a way changing the past or gives you something through alternate dimensions or just summoning it throughout space.