Awkward Zombie: Dedli

What measure is a non-playable character? Are they just as valuable as Link himself, or are they as good as Moblin fodder? For that matter, how important are pictographs? Once again, Katie Tiedrich deconstructs the quirks of the Zelda series in her newest comic. As Tiedrich has noted, she has been playing through Wind Waker, hence the large volume of Wind Waker strips as of late. You can see it if you make like Mario and hit the jump.

“I guess they just need to learn that I have NEEDS and that they include 100% COMPLETION.” Tiedrich says in the blurb below the comic. Does this sound like you? Do you drop the quest at the drop of a hat in order to do a sidequest, or are you a regular determinator? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

Source: AwkwardZombie