A Hylian Shield of Wood

Pretty much all of the replica Hylian Shields out there that you can buy are made of wood. Though the actual shield in-game is some sturdy, yet lightweight magical metal, real metal shields are expensive and heavy. However, they’re all painted to hide their organic origins and just looking at the shield, it might as well be metal.

But to clefrayearth of deviantART, the the brown wood enhances the look of a replica Hylian Shield, so that’s exactly what he made. Hit the jump for some more pictures!

According to clefrayearth, his dad owned a wood shop and during the time, this Zelda fan set out to create his own Hylian Shield. Sporting an appearance that is a cross between the Deku Shield and the Hylian Shield, this creation stands out in the vast world of real life Zelda items.

Well made, it seems, and the unique of wood grain background makes me wish this would become an actual early game item in a future title. Though I’ve always liked the blue color of the standard Hylian gear, I’m starting to think I have a new favorite shield design.

If you’d like to see more of clefrayearth’s creation, head on over to his deviantART page.

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Source: deviantART (via Kotaku and OTL Gaming)