Zelda Fanart Spotlight – Flute Boy Plays Again

Today on the Zelda Fanart Spotlight we will be showcasing deviantART artist Mudora‘s A Link to the Past fanart, “Flute Boy Plays Again“. This fanart shows the location of the Haunted Meadow and in it the Flute Boy playing the Flute aka Ocarina for the animals that reside there. Link has apparently stumbled upon the small concert and joining the audience in watching the performance.

Poor Flute Boy had been put through hard times after he set off searching for the fabled Golden Power. He stumbled into the Dark World sometime during his journey and was turned into a tree-like creature. It wasn’t until Link stopped Ganon’s pursuit of taking over Hyrule and returning everything back to normal that he was able to return back home and once again be able to have the privilege of playing his flute for his woodland friends.

(You can click on the picture to see it in more detail.)

Flute Boy was one of my favorite characters of A Link to the Past. I remember as a kid when I would stumble upon his “ghost” in the meadow there and was left wondering who he was until I entered the Dark World and found his true self there. I also distinctly remember the part where he asks you to find his flute for him and once you find it and play it for him he dies. That scene is quite sad and I felt sorry for him. It wasn’t until the ending of the game where I found out that he was okay that I was happy that he was able to find a way back home.

The artist has other Zelda-related fanart located in their gallery. Please go check it out and let them know of what you thought of this piece. Also please let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for the next Zelda Fanart Spotlight! Until then!