“Why Being a Henchman in Zelda Would Suck”

With nearly all of the Zelda games being an adventure from Link’s perspective, we rarely see the perspective of anyone on the “evil side”. Also, as gamers, we don’t question the seemingly random layout of traps and goodies spread around Hyrule, Termina, or wherever Link’s quests take him. However, with a recent Cracked video, we now know what happens behind the scenes, and how those “random” chests get spread around the land. Hit the jump for the video!

Okay, so the video is actually made by the guys at Those Aren’t Muskets, but it’s hosted on Cracked. Nevertheless, the video is an excellent bit of bickering between two of Ganon’s henchmen, and for once we can see who places those unlocked chests around!

And of course, like any Zelda parody, the video ends with a short feature of our courageous adventurer. It’s definitely a humorous end to the already hilarious video, and it makes the whole three minute video worth it.

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Source: Cracked (Thanks for the tip from thesupremeadmiral!)