“Skyward Heart” Necklace by ThePixelSmithy

I don’t know about you, but the heart container from Skyward Sword was my favorite design for a heart container yet, and it was about time that a piece of jewelry was made based on the design. The Skyward Heart necklace is a perfect recreation of the graphic, and is in many ways better because the the texture of this tangible object is much more pronounced.

Unfortunately, this beautiful design by ThePixelSmithy has already sold out, but hopefully they will make more seeing it’s rapid popularity. Hit the jump for some pictures!


The Skyward Heart necklace is glass heart center with 24 karat gold plated brass and is sold with a 45 centimeter gold chain. The heart itself is about 2 centimeters across, and from the pictures seems just about the perfect size for a necklace without getting too cumbersome.

Visually, I think the Skyward Heart is elegant and represents something that is maybe a bit under-appreciated in the Zelda community outside the games. We’ve seen Zelda inspired artwork on many mediums, and the heart container is certainly an iconic object that appears in almost all of the games, but this is one of the few times the two have come together, and they come together very well.

At its original price before selling out, $22 evidently was a steal, and unluckily for us is no longer available. We can still be hopeful that ThePixelSmithy will make more of these in time to get for yourself or someone special during the holidays.

Source: ThePixelSmithy