ShirtPunch Exclusive: “Mr. Owl…”


ShirtPunch is on a roll. Keeping with their trend of offering limited-time shirts every day, they recently had a Zelda-based “Like a Boss” shirt available only a couple days ago. Now, right on the heels of their last Zelda gem, they have yet another clever shirt design for us today. As always, this is a limited item so make the jump if you’re interested–it won’t be there long!

A bit more lighthearted than their last Zelda design, today’s ShirtPunch exclusive features a take on the classic Tootsie Pop commercial. You know how it goes; “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie center of a Tootsie pop?”

Today, though, Link has a different question for Mr. Owl… who in this case is actually the owl Kaepora Gaebora. If you are interested, the shirt costs a mere ten dollars plus shipping. If you aren’t a fan of the sand-colored background, they also have a Sport Grey option available. If you don’t really want a shirt at all they still have loads of other options for you spanning from hooded jackets to pin badges. You can buy all of these at ShirtPunch.

Again, this is a limited time offer so you have until tonight at midnight (EST) to buy it!

I quite simply love this design. It’s so simple, so brilliant, so goofy, so “Ouch, right in the childhood!” I already dropped $10 on the “Like a Boss” shirt a couple days ago, but man… this is tempting. Before the day is done I will probably have bought one of these. How about you guys? Do you like the design? Would you consider getting one of these? How about poking your parents and saying “Hey, still looking for Christmas presents?” Let us know in the comments!

Source: ShirtPunch