Ocarina of Time Dethroned as Highest Rated Game Ever

For 13 years, Ocarina of Time had always been labelled as the greatest video game ever among the gaming community as highly positive and near perfect scores were cast from multiple game sites around the world. Its 3D environment (a first for the Zelda series) took hold of you and allowed you to experience the land of Hyrule as never before by making you feel as if you were actually Link himself experiencing the thrill of adventure. We became familiar with a full-scale look at Princess Zelda and the way Hyrule Castle should look while the story was a ride of emotion as Hyrule looked to you more than ever to save it from the enveloping darkness created by the evil lord, Ganondorf.

These reasons and a lot more are what named Ocarina of Time as the number one rated game of all time yet another popular title has just had its rating increased which happens to place it above our beloved Zelda title. If you would like to know which game reviewers are raving about more than Ocarina of Time then click on that jump below!

Ocarina of Time, with an amazing rating of 97.63%  has been bested by Nintendo’s popular Wii title, Super Mario Galaxy which has taken top spot by the slightest of margins, .01%. Yes, that’s right. Super Mario Galaxy has achieved the highest rating of 97.64% as one review five years after the title’s release was added to its overall score.

It’s disappointing to see after all these years of Ocarina of Time being at the top spot that Super Mario Galaxy just races to the top. In my heart, though, Ocarina of Time will always be the greatest game ever developed no matter what the ratings say.  Just remembering playing the inspiring N64 title as an 8 year old leaves me with so many treasuring memories. Walking Link around Kokiri Forest was such a journey in itself and carried me away to virtual reality at its best. I cannot downgrade that experience no matter how revolutionary Super Mario Galaxy may seem.

What are your thoughts about Super Mario Galaxy taking the number one rated game award away from Ocarina of Time? Do you think Ocarina of Time still deserves the number one spot? Which game do you personally like better? Please be sure to write your comments for us below!

Source: Game Rankings (via MyNintendoNews)