Miyamoto Receives Highest Spanish Honor (and does Gangnam Style)

Shigeru Miyamoto–a man we all know and love. A man that Zelda fans across the globe would happily raise a glass to, in celebration of his impact in all of our lives. Well, earlier this week Felipe, the Prince of Spain did more than raise his glass to the man behind the Legend–he bestowed our hero with the highest civilian recognition in the Spanish-speaking world, a Prince of Asturias Award. Just watch the fans flocking to catch a glimpse of the man himself–if the video after the jump doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear, then nothing will.

Now, I’d be surprised if Miyamoto was able to speak any Spanish at all. Nor do I imagine that many Spaniards are able to speak Japanese. And yet, the fact that Miyamoto has been presented with such a significant award speaks bounds for the respect and love the people of the world have for him, regardless of the country of their birth or the language they speak.

It’s nice to see formal recognition of Miyamoto’s creations and the impact they have had on the world. Additionally, with the award Miyamoto has become the first recipient of the Prince of Asturias in the games industry. Maybe you’re not that bothered. Maybe you just want to see Shiggy doing Gangnam Style. Well, I’ve got you covered for that too.

Source: Tiny Cartridge