Mas’ Zelda Collection 035 – Twilight Princess Collector’s Edition Guide

In this weeks collection video we take a look at the Prima Games Twilight Princess Collector’s Edition Guide. This hardcover guide is the largest Legend of Zelda guide to release in English, finishing out at 448 pages! In terms of pure depth and quality, it is probably one of, if not thee best Legend of Zelda guide every published. The hardcover version comes with a cloth foldout map of the overworld, along with gold foil page edges, making it cosmetically great to look at.

The hardcover collector’s edition originally sold for $29.99 and it started a bit of a trend. Similar hardcover collector’s edition guides were made available for Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and more recently with Skyward Sword. You can check out the collection video after the jump. Stay tuned every Sunday for a new video of an item from my Zelda collection.