“Make Paper Zelda a Reality” Says IGN Blogger

With the release of Paper Mario: Sticker Star in North America on Sunday, fans of the 2nd dimensional franchise have started dreaming about a transition towards a spin-off Zelda series revolving around the world of paper. The dreaming has become so intense that a blogger for IGN has written a whole article in a bid to create hype toward Paper Mario developer, Intelligent Systems, producing a franchise labelled “Paper Zelda”. IGN sees a Zelda title revolving around a paper mechanism as being a sales-worthy title that will capture the hearts of fan around the world by giving off a vibe of freshness and newness into the Zelda franchise.

Are you interested in learning about the possibilities which may occur if this project became reality? If so, hit that jump and learn some more about elements which the IGN blogger says could be implemented into a “Paper Zelda” title.

The blogger for IGN claims that the Mario and Zelda series are very similar in regard to Mario and Link’s personalities, partners, and villains. In regard to weapons, just as Mario uses his jump and hammer abilities to attack so could Link use his sword and another of his acclaimed items to fight. Healing HP could be as easy as drinking some Lon Lon milk and the cash system could be as easy as using rupees.

I think a “Paper Zelda” game would be excellent especially if created by Nintendo’s underrated developing team, Intelligent Systems. It may seem weird using Link in a paper-themed world yet I’m sure opinions would change after giving it a go. The Paper Mario series is mostly brilliant and expanding that would reap plenty of benefits for Nintendo’s economy as a whole. You may read the full article on the advantages of a “Paper Zelda” by clicking this link.

What are your thoughts on the idea of “Paper Zelda”? Would you buy the game if it became reality? Do you think Zelda needs such a spin-off? What ideas do you have for a “Paper Zelda” title? Please let us know by writing your opinions below!

Source: IGN