Incredible Latte Art Featuring Link and Zelda

If you have spent some time on the Internet, you are bound to find new and interesting ways people are capable of producing artwork. This is one of those days.

An artist from Japan uses not canvas, paper, or computer to create his work, but a hot cup of latte, the kind of coffee with just enough steamed milk to make an image. But unlike your usual hearts the barista might make, this guy’s work is much more intricate.

The artist in question is Kazuki Yamamoto, and his latte artwork would impressive on paper, but the video game, manga, and miscellaneous characters he makes finds a temporary home atop the coffee before being drank. And of course, what would any good collection of artwork contain but a few Zeldas and Links? For more images, hit the jump!

Maybe a few notches above the standard impressive.

Currently, Yamamoto is in Osaka, and attends coffee events in Kobe. Before devouring his beverage of choice, Yamamoto spins the steamed milk around and voilà, a new piece of art is born! He hopes to one day open his own café in Tokyo, and maybe whilst visiting Japan you’ll be served a Yamamoto style latte.

If you want to see some of Yamamoto’s other coffee creations (and there are literally hundreds of them), you can check out his collection here. Some other video games he’s covered range from Mario to Pac-Man to Mega Man and plenty of other non-video game related things. Some even rise up above the top of the cup!

Source: Photozou (Via Kotaku and Zelda Universe)