Hyrule Map Made Entirely of LEGO Bricks

LEGO bricks are awesome, to say the least! All you need is a template, your imagination and an abundance of LEGO bricks to create impressive masterpieces which leave us wondering how materials so tiny can transform into such well-constructed productions. Flickr user madoruk has revealed his unbelievable LEGO creation which replicates the beautiful Hyrule Map from the original Legend of Zelda. All detail has gone into consideration whilst it was created and you will be astonished by madoruk’s creativity.

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Using an enormous 22,528 LEGO studs, madoruk has created, for BrickCon 2012, this stunning Hyrule Map which would be so helpful while playing the Legend of Zelda title. Imagine how much work needed to be implemented into this project!

Looking at this LEGO Zelda map makes me want official Zelda LEGO sets to become reality on store shelves around the globe. How awesome would it be to build Hyrule Castle, Skyloft, the Hidden Village, etc., the list goes on and on. There are so many scenarios in our beloved series which could be chosen for a special series of LEGO Zelda sets. Nintendo needs to allow this idea to be produced.

What do you think of this awesome Hyrule map made entirely out of LEGO bricks? Have you heard of any other project similar to this one? Do you want the LEGO company to produce special Zelda sets? Please be sure to leave a comment below!

Source: Geekology (via Zelda Universe)