Hyrule Historia’s New Cover and Teaser Trailer Released

Hyrule Historia was released with much fanfare in Japan just under a year ago. Along with featuring never-before-seen concept art and interviews with the producers of the Zelda series, it featured for the first time an official timeline of the series; something which an innumerable number of fans had been pining after for years. After much complaints from the fans that possibly the most important document in the history of the Zelda series was a Japan only exclusive, Nintendo announced an English version with a late January release date in 2013. Fast-forward to today and Dark Horse has released the cover for the much anticipated book. Hit the jump to take a look!

You may be wondering why the English version has such a different cover to the Japanese release. Dark Horse editor Patrick Thorpe gave us this insight on the design.

“Hyrule Historia is a history book, not only about the development of the games, but the history of Hyrule as well. We wanted the reader to feel like they were stepping through the gate, back in time, and experiencing all aspects of the Legend of Zelda … But we loved the gate’s symbol because it is fraught with meaning, much of which is explained in different sections of the book, and appear again and again throughout the series. One of the other reasons is that there are Skyward Sword sections that bookend Hyrule Historia. It felt appropriate to put a symbol from the 25th anniversary game on the cover. I hope that you all like it as much as we do.”

Along with the new cover, Dark Horse have also released an accompanying teaser trailer to once again wet your appetite over the upcoming release. Check out the video below.

I think that the new cover design is interesting. The inclusion of the Gate of Time is certainly a departure from the Japanese cover, which did not feature any aspects from the series itself except the 25th Anniversary Logo, which is absent from this cover.

What do you think of the cover? Do you welcome the change or do you still prefer the original Japanese version? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: IGN