Gold Nunchuck Sold Out. Again.

Many of us remember how the Golden Nunchuck that Club Nintendo made available back in August sold out extremely quickly, but this has to be a new record. The reward was made available once again yesterday, and astonishingly, it’s already out of stock. Hit the jump to read more!

I had no clue that people were so ravenous for this gold-colored controller, and I still can’t believe it’s already gone. There has yet to be an announcement on whether or not they will be restocking the thing. I don’t doubt that Club Nintendo will make them available again, with them being in such an intensely high demand, but you never know.

If you didn’t get yours, you can either wait and see if there will be another opportunity to get one, or you can do what this person did and take matters into your own hands. What are your guys’ thoughts on this jaw-dropping sellout? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Club Nintendo