Ganondorf Tries Really Hard, You Guys

“And sometimes he just has a rough day” says Katie Tiedrich in the blurb beneath her newest comic. For several years now, Tiedrich has worked on the webcomic Awkward Zombie, parodying anything from video games, movies, video games, books, video games, her day-to-day life, and video games! The Zelda series is clearly one of her favorites, as she’s posted several comics based on Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and most recently Wind Waker. The latest of these Wind Waker jokes parodies the nature of the puzzles Link must solve in the sunken Hyrule Castle as well as raising the question: why couldn’t Ganondorf do it? Have a look after the jump

Makes you almost feel bad for the guy. Perhaps its empathy thanks to some of the more challenging puzzles in the series? Share your laughs or puzzle frustrations in the comments!

Source: Awkward Zombie