“Ganon Style” is a “Gangnam” Parody

Korean pop star, Psy, captivated the world with his upbeat and catchy song, “Gangnam Style.” With it recently becoming the most watched video on YouTube ever, it’s no surprise that fans all over are making their own versions of the song. One fan in particular–YouTuber ChuckeMadness–has created a parody titled “Ganon Style.” He tells the story of Ganondorf and his quest to conquer Hyrule all while dancing around with various other characters from the series. If you are curious to know more, make the jump and watch the video.

The first time I heard this song, I thought it was silly. I never thought it would gain in popularity like it has, but I like “Ganon Style”; it’s a fun, new way to look at the story. The only thing the video leaves me to wonder about is why Majora was in it. Ganondorf wasn’t even in that game, but I guess he wanted to add a diverse amount of characters to the video.

Do you guys like “Ganon Style?” Are there Zelda characters left out of the video you would have put in, or was someone in there that you would have taken out? Let us know in the comments!