City in the Sky Inspired by M.C. Escher?

A recent Did You Know Gaming is telling of some speculation that Twilight Princess’ City in the Sky dungeon may have been inspired by M.C. Escher’s art piece “Another World.”

There are certainly many uncanny similarities, especially the “birds” in the M.C. Escher work and the ooccas from Twilight Princess.

There are other similarities, too, such as how the ooccas can be seen running along the walls in a similar fashion to the paradox portrayed in “Another World.” Though the City in the Sky dungeon had to respect some level of normal physics to be playable whereas “Another World” did not, it’s hard to believe Twilight Princess wasn’t inspired at least a little bit by M.C. Escher’s work.

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(Click on the image for a larger view of Another World)

Was Twilight Princess’ City in the Sky inspired by “Another World?” Probably. Nintendo has taken inspiration like this and incorporated it into their games, and it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if this was yet another case.

But I’m not completely sold. As similar as M.C. Escher’s amazing woodcut print is to the City in the Sky dungeon, there have been many times where Nintendo developers have stated connections the fans made weren’t true. We may never know unless this question arises in an interview. Until then, we can do what Zelda fans do best, speculate more!

What do you think of the connection? Do you think Nintendo took inspiration from “Another World?” Tell us in the comments!

Source: Did You Know Gaming