Christina Aguilera is “Zelda: Warrior Princess”

It is always pretty obvious when nerds infiltrate the upper workings of our society, making video game references and jokes in their articles. Sometimes we read those articles and we say “Hey, that’s a fellow gamer right there!” I love those times. This is not one of those times.

In light of Halloween, People magazine recently did a roundup of some celebrity costumes and… well, let’s just say the editors are probably not Zelda fans. Make the jump to see!

Calling her “Zelda, Warrior Princess,” the article says Christina “dressed as video-game heroine Princess Zelda, and beau Matt Rutler suited up as her love interest Link for the couple’s big Halloween bash.” I’m sorry, but how on earth does this:

…look like Princess Zelda and Link? As I see it, there are three possibilities here. One, the most likely, is that People was misinformed. Horribly. The second possibility is that Christina actually thinks she’s Zelda, in which case I must wonder what she was smoking when playing the games (if she’s even played them). Finally, another likely possibility is that she was actually dressing as a different Zelda female and succeeded primarily in capturing the horror aspect of the character:

Come on, you have to admit that the Great Fairy and Aguilera’s costume are both equally frightening, right?

In the end, I mostly have to say I am impressed that People didn’t think Zelda is the guy in green, but all around I still see this as a pretty big blunder. How can you live in America and not see a picture of Zelda at least once and know she’s blonde, not pink? But I am getting carried away here… how about you guys? Do you find this funny? Interesting? Absurd? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gamervescent via Kotaku