BS Zelda History: A Link To The Past Sequel?

A Link to the Past has made its way to the top of many gamer’s lists as their favorite video game. Truth be told, even mentioning this game brings up so much nostalgia for me as well. Every now and then on my Zelda adventures I hear tales of a so called sequel to the game entitled BS Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets. I never knew much about the game itself aside from it being based off of the original A Link to the Past and was only available to play for the Sataliview expansion for the Super Nintendo and was supposed to have a few improvements over the original.

The game seemed like it could of been promising, but as I never had the chance to play it, the entire game still remains a mystery to me. As it turns out YouTube user UnknownArchive has went out of his way to dig up some long lost information about that game and has created a video shedding light on almost every detail. Make the jump inside to check it out for yourself.

BS Zelda seems like it would be a perfect way to relive the moments of A Link to the Past while still having a brand new experience. Dropping us back in the familiar world of 16 bit Hyrule is something any Zelda fan would be happy about. Sometimes I imagine what a Zelda game would be like if it revisited an expanded version Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule with a new adventure to go on, but it seems this may be the only reused of a previous world that we will see in a title. Be sure to give us your thoughts on BS Zelda in the comments below.