Breathtaking “Ballad of the Goddess” Cover

Skyward Sword had its faults. One of its strong points however was most definitely its music. From the sweeping orchestral elegance of the “Romance Theme” to the dark and unsettling atmosphere of the “Lanayru Mining Facility”, the latest installment of our beloved series brought with it a veritable treasure trove of brilliant musical themes. The Audire Soundtrack Choir is a group of students based in Boston who have taken it upon themselves to produce a stunning rendition of Skyward Sword’s title theme, “The Ballad of the Goddess.” Hit the jump to see the video!

Audire have certainly showcased their amazing talents effectively in their first video. The music is complex and multi-layered without being overwhelming and the lyrics are sung with enough emotion and feeling that the entire piece sounds like a proper re-interpretation of the music as opposed to being just a plain cover. The lead vocal especially is quite haunting and slightly mysterious in its quality, in my opinion. The inclusion of “Zelda’s Lullaby” also adds another dimension to the music and prevents an otherwise repetitive tune from stagnating. You can tell from the quality of the singing and the production that a lot of thought went into putting the voices and melodies together to make an excellent piece of music.

No half-measures were taken with the visuals either. The video itself has been tastefully edited to show both the choir performing and a Zelda cos-player traversing through the forest of Hyrule along with her guardian, Impa. I think this aspect of the video is especially intriguing because it portrays a part of the game which is relatively obscure and is seldom talked about in the fandom. Although the details of her journey aren’t shown in detail of course, it’s nice to see Zelda’s quest being acknowledged in this small way. It is evident through the video that Link wasn’t the only one to face hardships and tribulations in his adventure through Hyrule.

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Source: YouTube