Awesome Zelda Prints on Fangamer

The run-up to the holiday season has definitely begun, and no doubt there are millions of people across the globe who once again have to face the yearly struggle of thinking up suitable gift ideas for those gaming fans in their lives.

If you’re looking for something original, Fangamer have an excellent range of prints and posters which would make the perfect gift for any Zelda fan looking for an alternative to the standard yearly addition to their video-game back-catalogue. Hit the jump to take a look!

First up is a piece called “Swords” by Mikey Mann. It should be noted that it’s the most expensive of all the prints featured here at $40 for an 18″x24″, but it’s certainly a unique and beautiful piece of art, showing both the Master Sword and the Four Sword with the symbols of the Six Sages and the Four Elements, respectively.

Next up is a piece called “Evil’s Demise” by Matt Cummings. It’s a very dynamic and busy piece featuring all of the incarnations of Ganon and Ganondorf, including Nightmare from Link’s Awakening and of course, Demise as the center character. This print really captures all of the struggles of the hero through the ages, and Demise looks just as fierce and as demonic as he does in Skyward Sword. This one is $20 for a 24″x15″ print.

The next print is unfortunately out of stock at the time of writing but I just wanted to include it because it’s such a fantastic piece of art. Its simple design features the words “A” and “to the past”, with Link’s head in the center of the piece, to make up the title of the SNES classic, A Link to the Past. The forest and the Triforce at the base of the poster completes the design. This was designed by Cory Schmitz and should hopefully be back in stock soon in time for the holiday season.

The next piece is by an artist known as Jolby. The print is called “Linked” and portrays a quite serene-looking Link surrounded with various staples of the Zelda series. Familiar items such as bombs, bottles, arrows, rupees and keys are visible along with other various items to make a slightly unusual (those elbows look a bit out of place) but pleasant piece. A 12″x16″ print will set you back $30.

Finally, this is my personal favorite out of the lot. This piece is called “Hero Needs a Cheer Squad” and it’s designed by Kari Fry. The center image is Toon Link being attacked by a Redead which is captioned with bold and striking Japanese lettering overhead. There are other little touches as well, including the heart meter at the top-left with only one quarter of a heart left, and a slightly derpy-looking Medli at the bottom about to be grabbed by a Floormaster. Oh, and Tingle’s in it as well. I really like the bright colors used along with the dynamic action lines in the background which brings Link and the Redead to the forefront of the picture. An 18″x12″ will cost you $18.

All of the posters featured plus others can be found here at Fangamer. Just go to their Art & Posters section to browse their available pieces of artwork.

So what did you think of the posters? Any one in particular catch your fancy? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Fangamer