Link and Zelda Go Trick-or-Treating

Halloween, the time of year where children get dressed up and go door-to-door in hopes of getting a lot of candy and with it being right around the corner, the internet is flooded with pictures of people in their costumes. Not surprisingly, many choose to dress up as their favorite video game characters, but as you are assuming your role as Link, Zelda, or anyone else for the night have you ever wondered what they might be doing? In Dorkly Bits’ new video, they show us exactly what video game characters do on Halloween. Similar to us, they trick-or-treat, but it doesn’t always end with candy for them. Jump inside to watch the video and see what your favorite characters dressed up as.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. Unfortunately, I am now considered too old to go trick-or-treating, but when I was younger I loved it. I was fascinated by all the costumes people could come up with and how detailed some of them could be. I never really thought about what whoever I dressed up as might be doing. I like that this video gave us a comedic look into the lives of video game characters on Halloween. I have also seen a lot of really spectacular video game related costumes this year, especially Zelda ones. If I were to dress up I would either be Shiek or Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. They are both so mysterious which I feel fits the Halloween spirit.

What about all of you? Did you like the Dorkly Bits video? Have you ever thought about what characters do on Halloween? Who would you dress up as or if you are being a video game character, who are you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Dorkly