Link-o-lanterns Aplenty

Happy Halloween, everyone! This year, to honor the night of ghosts, ghouls and candy, we are featuring some Zelda themed jack-o-lanterns! The detail that goes into some of these carvings is incredible, and we hope you enjoy the gallery of legend worthy pumpkins. Just don’t smash them for Rupees, please.

Check them out after you make the jump!

#1: Hylian Crest

#2: Hylian Crest… again

#3: Link and His Fairy Companion

#4: Hylian Shield

(Of course, it’s made out of pumpkin, so it won’t block much.)

#5: Wind Waker Ganondorf

I must say, my favorite one was definitely the Ganondorf carving, I thought that one in particular was phenomenally well done. Enjoy Halloween everyone, and I bet I’m not the only one here going as Link. You are never too old for free candy.

What did you guys think of these carvings? Tell us in the comments section below!