Grand Theft Auto Mod Features Link

Link is so awesome that everyone wants them in their game whether it is a Zelda game or not. A Grand Theft Auto Mod has been made that puts him in the traffic of the game. Download it here. There is a story that goes with the mod.

“In search for princess Zelda Link was possessed by Ganondorf when he drunk from the Flask of Alternative Dimensions which put him in a alternative dimension. Now Link is lost and is trying to find his way back to Hyrule. Ganodorfs spell is slowly turning Link into Dark Link and when the transformation is complete Link will be so evil that the slightest glance at him will result in a casualty.”

Take a look at some pictures of what the mod would look like after the jump!

In my opinion, coming up with a semi-detailed story to go with this mod was a good idea. It is an entertaining and creative way to make it seem like it isn’t just a way to be able to hack the game. It gives a useful way to get a daily helping of Link in a game that would not normally have him in there as well.