Fanart Spotlight- Links Blacklist #2

Last month we featured some of the first entries for the amazing collaboration Link’s Blacklist, a tribute project to the memorable enemies that appear in the Zelda series.

Since then, many more pieces have been added leading up to it’s official release on Game-Art-HQ in October, and this newest batch of pictures is just as impressive as the first wave. See all nine new entries after the jump!

Armour Break by Turtle-Arts
Zelda – Death Sword by UniqueLegend
The Shadow You Cast
by Gakoru
Phantom Ganondorf
by WhiteFoxCub
Use the Reflect Spell
by CarlChrappa
Incorrigible by Gabriela-Birchal
Ocarina of Time: Ganondorf
by ruina
Brother Goriyas by Maiss-Thro
Great Spirit of the Skies
by Anokazue

Once again, this is only a sampler the continuously growing collection, so make sure to check out their DeviantART group to see them all! And as always, leave us your thoughts on today’s Fanart Spotlight below.