Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Project Link’s Blacklist

Today’s Fanart Spotlight features an ongoing colaboration project by the people over at Game-Art-HQ called Link’s Blacklist, a tribute to the baddies of The Legend of Zelda series.

Dozens of artists are participating, and while it will still be a few months before all the entries are completed, some amazing pieces of work have already emerged from this project. One of entries has already been featured here on Zelda Dungeon, and several artists who have been featured on this site before as well. So today we’ll be doing something a bit different, and spotlighting the multiple pictures and the artists particapating in the Link’s Blacklist project.

Minish Cap: Gyorg Pair by ApplejackMan
Legend of Zelda: Tektites by Karniz
Kill them aaaaall by Vertuchou
Skulltula by Asashi Kami
Ganon by Vancamelot
Chuchu by Thecuraga
Master of the Swamp Palace by Carlchrappa
Link’s Blacklist: You’ReDead by Starfoch
Ganondorf by Sugar Thief
Queen Gohma by Pertheseus

This is only a small sampling of the entries already finished, and you can see the rest of the submissions by viewing the project’s DeviantART Gallery. Unfortunately for interested artists, sign-up is now closed, but there is still a lot to look forward to with more great Zelda enemy inspired Fanart that’s sure to crop up for this project. Please don’t forget to support these artists by checking out their individual DeviantART galleries, and leave us a comment about today’s Fanart Spotlight below!