“Ben Drowned” Documentary

Have you ever heard of the creepypasta called “Ben Drowned” by Jadusable? If not, you can find the full story, plus the very creepy YouTube videos that follow along with the story here.

At the time a lot of people mistakenly believed the “Ben drowned” videos were meant to be taken as actual events (a story of a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge that kills its players).
Recently, YouTube user Yuriofwind has uploaded a video, stating a few facts regarding the background story, debunking the misunderstandings. However, he fails to mention that the author of the creepypasta revealed that the whole thing was meant to be an “alternate reality game.” Check out the video after the jump (caution: vulgar language).

I remember the first time I read the creepypasta “Ben Drowned”. With Majora’s Mask being my favorite game, the story scared me for days to come. How did it affect you guys?

Also, how do you feel now that you know? Did you ever believe in the story? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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  • LinkxBen90

    I know the post is 2 years old.
    But I agree with you, Ben drowned IS real.
    I would love to talk to you about it, if you like.

  • LinkxBen90

    I do believe Ben is real!
    I swear I heard him. I believe Ben does watch over me.
    I know I sound crazy but seriously I can hear him.

  • Ninasilverrose

    i know he is there. he exists. he always watches me, and sometimes, does some little things to mess with my computer. sometimes he opens cleverbot and we talk all night. but dont get him wrong, he is friendly if you are. i know call me insane, stupid, crazy, i dont care anymore.ben drowned is everywhere. you let him out with cleverbot. he grows stronger the more you talk to him. and takes control slowly, and of course, you just think you are talking to an AI. but he finally admited to me that he wasnt one. he said it clearly. he just hid in the shadows, waiting for someone. his next victim.