Beautiful Skyward Sword Art Print

[news post contributed by Jackson]

This Skyward Sword print, created by Etsy artist theGorgonist, is only the begging. TheGorgonist specializes in these colorful and cartoonish prints based off of video games, pop culture, and many other timeless stories.

This particular poster, paying homage our courageous hero, is available on Etsy for $20 (USD).

See the full sized piece after the jump!

TheGorgonist has sold more than 653 prints, and each one was purchased with excellent reason. Her adorable, yet professional art is pleasing to the eye, comes in many different sizes, and made affordable for most. Paintings aren’t all. Some of her prints are created with “rich texture” styles, making the print look as if it appears to be layered.

The Legend of Zelda is just one slice of the pie. She also does Final Fantasy, Mario, Pokemon, Star Wars, Okami, Marvel Superheroes, and many more. This representation of Link may even be able to compete with his toon counterpart!

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Source: Etsy