Majora’s Mask For Sale

Zelda replicas have found their way all over the net and appearing in many different forms. If you have the money just lying around than you can pretty much buy a life size replica of literally anything you would like from the series. I myself have had the chance to buy several different Master Sword and Hylian Shield reproductions, but have never came across something like this.

Etsy user, Riley Planalp, has created an very detailed and wearable Majora’s Mask from fiberglass. Check it out after the jump to find out more about how you could get your hands on this great new replica.

This mask was cast in a fiberglass resin and filled with polyurethane foam. It was hand painted with acrylic paint and has several layers of protection from the creator going over it with acrylic lacquer. This mask seems perfect in almost every way except the rather large price tag it comes with. For a measly $250.00 plus shipping you can be wearing this mask, turning defenseless forest boys into Deku Scrubs, and causing the moon of Termina to fall all by yourself within no time t all. However, if you would like to hold off on ending the lives of the townspeople of Termina, save a few buck, and feel a little artistic than you can get your hands on the unpainted version for $140.00 and do all the work yourself. If you’re good enough, you may be able to add color or customize it enough to make it look better than the original. If not, than the creator will customize the color for you if asked.

So what are your thoughts on this mask? Is it worth the money? How much would you pay for it? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Etsy via GoNintendo

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