Custom Legend of Zelda Board Game

Dan Restaino aka DRest806 has created his own Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past board game. He started working on it during last summer and he spent about $400 or more and put about 4 months of work into the project. He based the gameplay of an old board game called ‘Key to the Kingdom’. Here’s how he explained how he made it:

I designed the board in photoshop, copying and pasting carefully all the SNES sprites from the game. and then I printed the sheets and put them on poster board. Of course this is more of a prototype but its still fun to play. I made the treasures, equipment and monster cards and got them laminated to have a glossy look. The link pieces were made from someone i found on

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The game board itself has two different parts to it. Each of those parts represent the two worlds that are present in ALttP although they don’t look exactly like how they’re shown in the game. When the board is unopened it has the Light World on it but when it is opened it has the Dark World on it. The Dark World part is a bit bigger when compared to the Light World part due to this reason.

This is the Light World part.

This is part of the Dark World.

The entirety of the Dark World side of the board

These are the game pieces. I’m loving the pink hair that these Links are sporting.

These are some of the game pieces that are used during gameplay.

The other game pieces that are used during the game.

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This board game that Dan created is truly a work of art. Just looking at it makes me want to have a copy of the game that way I can play it with my friends and family. It looks very awesome and I commend him for the work he put into making this.

What do you guys think? Do you wish that you could have a copy of this game too that way you can play it with your friends and family? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below and stay tuned for more Zelda goodies!


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  • Kimberly Miller

    Can you post the files here as well?