Wind Waker For The iPad?

Our great friends at Zelda Universe have come across an unusual find. A game is in development for portable Apple devices and may seem a bit too familiar to Zelda fans. While the game is not related to the Zelda franchise in anyway, it does share some common ground with a few games from the series. The all touch controls, cartoon style graphics, heart containers, and top down view of a young boy with a sword definitely brings Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks to mind.

The title of this Wind Waker look alike is Oceanhorn and aside from it borrowing a few aspects from the Zelda series, it looks like it would be a fantastic game for those who own an Ipad. Jump inside to read more and a watch some short gameplay footage.

We are developing a “story engine” at the moment. We can add NPCs and have them say proper things at the right phase of the quest. The game is going to be story based, but very similar to old action RPGs. Actually, I would like to use this chance to name one of my favourites: Seiken Densetsu (FFA / Mystic Quest) for Gameboy! That game is a perfect example of how to give you a giant quest with simple ingredients!

Oceanhorn is coming to iPhone and iPad some time in 2012!

While many games have borrowew ideas and certain gameplay mechanics from the Zelda series, some such as Darksiders, Kingdom Hearts, and a few others have actually been successful in gathering their own fan base and having several sequels. If Oceanhorn ends up getting some positive reviews and is as good as it looks, than I’m sure I’ll be getting my own copy for my when it’s available. Looks like we’ll just have to wait until summer to find out if it will be a great stand alone game or fall in line with all the other Zelda clones. So what are your thoughts on this Zelda clone being put on the Itunes market?

Source: Oceanhorn Official Site Via Kotaku

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