Ocarina of Time 3D: Now Just $29.99 at Amazon

Considering this is a Legend of Zelda fan website, I cannot imagine many Nintendo 3DS owners that view this website and do not already own Ocarina of Time. If you are part of this extreme minority, then there is now reason for you to get out of the minority. Ocarina of Time 3D is currently on sale over at Amazon, selling at the price point of $29.99. This is $10 off the usual price of $39.99. Additionally, the item is eligible for free shipping via Amazon Prime! If you don’t have Ocarina of Time 3D yet, I’d jump at this offer right away.

While this is an online deal, I do not expect any price drop from Ocarina of Time 3D in any retail stores anytime soon. The Nintendo 3DS is still in its early life cycle, having not even reached the one year mark in the United States. For every new owner who picks up a Nintendo 3DS, Ocarina of Time 3D is going to be high on their listing of games to get. It will warrant the full $39.99 price point, so Nintendo shouldn’t feel any pressure to lower the price. Perhaps after a new Zelda title releases for the Nintendo 3DS we’ll see a price drop in retail stores, but I still foresee the full $39.99 price point being there throughout the entirety of 2012. I view it similar to how Twilight Princess was treated for the Nintendo Wii. That game was on the shelves for several years before it became a Nintendo Select title and I anticipate the same thing will happen with Ocarina of Time 3D. There just isn’t a need to drop a price on a prime time game so early in a consoles life cycle.

Source: Amazon

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