Skyward Sword Prequel Manga: 5 More Pages Translated

Our friends over at Glitter Berri have posted the next five pages in the Skyward Sword Prequel Manga. This now brings the total to 15 pages of the Manga. The entire book runs at 34 pages so almost half of them have been fully translated. The prequel manga is included with the recently released Hyrule Historia book, which I’m still anxiously waiting to get my hands on.

Glitter Berri and Beno have been working hard to get it translated and edited in a timely fashion. At the pace things are going at, the whole thing should be translated within just a couple of days so stay tuned. You can make the jump to see a couple of the new translations, but head on over to Glitter Berri to see all 15 of the pages.

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