Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess Character Comparisons

So it appears some of the frequenters over at the Lumpy Pumpkin have similar appearances as the group in Telma’s Bar from Twilight Princess. Is this just a complete coincidence or do you think Nintendo deliberately put this in there? Having played through the game multiple times, I can honestly say I never noticed this at all. However, the folks over at Nintendo Everything have put together a side-by-side image comparison of some of these same characters, so you can make the judgement for yourself.

The image you see to the left is a side by side comparison of Auru from Twilight Princess and Rusta from Skyward Sword. I think of all the comparisons, this one looks the most promising, but I think all of them collectively draw the connection more than each individual one. Go ahead and make the jump to see all four large image comparisons.