Amazon Failure: Princess Link’s Master Sword?

So it’s not unusual for people who don’t know the series at all to confuse which character is actually Zelda. Heck, you play as the green tunic dude and the game is called the Legend of Zelda, so natural instincts might lead you to believe that the main characters name is actually Zelda. However, it’s a completely different mistake to refer to Princess Zelda as Princess Link. Well according to Amazon our beloved hero Link is a Princess!

Now perhaps this is a bit too critical of me to rip on Amazon. I mean, it sure seems based on the item description, that this is meant to say Twilight Princess: Link’s Master Sword, but they chose the wrong word to leave out of that long title. Either that, or it was a complete brain cramp and they just failed. Who knows. Go ahead and make a jump to see a larger image of the failure.

So what do you think? Is this an Amazon typo? Or was it just a poor decision to leave out the Twilight word in Twilight Princess? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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