Skyward Sword Final Boss: Defeated In One Minute

Given the title of this article, if it isn’t obvious enough, there are heavy spoilers in this post, so look away if you haven’t beaten Skyward Sword just yet. For those of you who have beaten the game already, many of you know that the final boss can be quite a challenge. During my initial playthrough I died a number of times and needed to use some potions to defeat him. In my second playthrough of the game I was able to develop a couple of strategies in which I could basically defeat him while taking minimal damage. However, even the strategies that I was using involved some patience. It seems YouTuber sirhu923 has devised his own strategy and it takes down the final boss in… just one minute! Both phases… Seriously, it’s pretty insane. Make the jump to check out the video embed.

So how long did it take you guys to take down Demise? How many deaths did you suffer? Did you need to use significant amount of bottled items? Let us know your thoughts of the battle below.

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