Zelda’s 25th: Remembering Majora’s Mask

As another part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, GameInformer has published an article looking back at Majora’s Mask. The article looks at the interesting ways Majora’s Mask departed from the Zelda formula while still keeping many things fans loved about it. Including various looks at some of the masks in the game as well as thoughts on the moon’s unique manner of reminding you of the time limit, this is a great way to look back on one of the Zelda series’ more unique entries.

When I think back to Majora’s Mask, my most immediate memory is that of the moon. It wasn’t just some timer on the HUD or a repeated reminder from your fairy; it was an omnipresent menace that would become immediately apparent by simply looking at the sky. This constant race against time was a novel gameplay mechanic, but it also served as one of the most stressful features in any game I’ve ever played. I spent hours exploring Hyrule Field at my leisure in Ocarina of Time. In Majora’s Mask, I felt like I was constantly running for my life.

Be sure to head over to GameInformer’s website to read the full article, and tell us some of your favorite parts of Majora’s Mask. Also, don’t forget to check out some of GameInformer’s other looks at classic Zelda titles of the past.

Source: GameInformer

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