How Long is Skyward Sword?

Kotaku has a short article up that talks about how long Skyward Sword is. We’ve heard Shigeru Miyamoto say that Skyward Sword would have at least 50-100 hours of gameplay. So was he right? Apparently so, because the author of this article states he reached about nearly the same amount during his playthrough of Skyward Sword.

But the length of a game is, to a developer, like the size of a fish is to a boastful fisherman. Was Miyamoto embellishing?

I finished Skyward Sword last week with 47 hours on my play clock. I did many side missions, but not all. A friend who worked for another outlet had finished the game in 35. He had poked around less.

He also mentioned the Hero Mode in the game that unlocks itself after you have beaten the game and it allows you to replay the game with a bit more difficulty as well as there being some slight differences in dialogue found in the game. With this mode available it would give players more hours of gameplay at their disposal.

Completing the game unlocks a second play-through called Hero Mode. It lets you carry over the insects and treasures you’ve collected but is, according to people who have plunged into it, tougher, stingier in doling out health hearts and might have some new dialogue. Those new parameters aren’t interesting enough to make me want to play the game again, and I can’t imagine it would take me half as long to go through the game, now that I know how to solve most of its puzzles. If I did play Hero Mode, I imagine my total play time would be about 75 hours. That is indeed, between 50 and 100 hours.

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I find this to be rather awesome. I was hoping that Skyward Sword would have a lot of gameplay in it that way I could sit down and enjoy it for a while rather than have it end pretty quickly. I’m also excited for the Hero Mode. I can’t wait until I unlock that feature.

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Source: Kotaku
Via: GoNintendo

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