Game Informer Gives Skyward Sword a Perfect 10

A few weeks ago, EDGE Magazine gave The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword a 10 out of 10 for it being so perfect. I turns out that GameInformer also gave Skyward Sword a perfect 10. In their review, they explain why Skyward Sword was perfect, but since GameInformer will be putting the review in their December issue and they cannot reveal anything on the website until the 8th of November, they were very limited in giving full details. However GameInformer did release a snippet of their review, so jump inside to have a look.

Skyward Sword’s combat and puzzle-solving rise above the majority of Wii releases (and even most recent Zelda games) thanks to the clever and challenging implementation of motion controls. Most Zelda titles have simplistic combat where mashing a single button turns into a frenzy of flourish-filled combos. Skyward Sword demands a much higher level of patience and mastery. The direction you swing the Wii remote directly correlates to the angle the sword slices in-game, and enemies are smart and fast enough to block incoming attacks.

I had concerns that carefully plotting my attacks for every swing would get boring or frustrating, but the opposite was true. I’ve never felt as engaged or interested in the combat portion of a Zelda game as with Skyward Sword. If you run into a group of enemies waggling the Wii remote like a madman, you will be torn to shreds. Success in swordplay depends on studying opponents’ moves and attacking at the right time and from the right angle. When the correct method to defeat each foe finally clicked, I felt a sense of satisfaction that repeatedly tapping the A button never provided.

This impressive combat system leads to some of the most interesting boss battles in the series’ history. Whether you’re fighting a giant scorpion or a sword-swinging robot, Skyward Sword rarely falls back on the formula of using a tool to knock out the boss and then attacking it three times in a row. You need to be much smarter and much more persistent to best these bad guys. In fact, the last two boss encounters are the most difficult fights in any Zelda game thus far.

It’s nice to see another magazine to give Skyward Sword 10/10. Let’s hope more magazines feel the same way about Skyward Sword. What are your thoughts? Do you think more gaming magazines will give Skyward Sword? Post your comments below and stay tuned.

Source: GameInformer
Via: GoNintendo

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