Zelda Tattoos: It’s What’s In Style

Although gamers have been getting tattoos of their favorite video game heroes for a while now, there is no sign of a fading in the popularity of Zelda tattoos. I just find them to be completely intriguing. The personality of a person can really be represented by what type of tattoo they choose to get.


This spiritual stone tattoo is very nice and perhaps this person is very into jewelry or just really likes sparkly things? These stones are so pretty and unique. Another possibility is that the person who got this tattoo could have just been showing their love for a possibly underestimated item of the game. The spiritual stones are a very important aspect in Zelda games, primarily in Ocarina of Time. They allow Link to activate the Temple of Time in that game.

A person with a very colorful personality might get something like this. This looks like the platform that all the sages are standing on each time Link got a medallion for each of the dungeons he beat as Adult Link in Ocarina of Time except with an added awesome looking triforce in the middle. Inside the triforce are three other symbols representing the three stones seen in the previous picture. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple seem to be the colors in this one and they really stand out.

Sometimes, gamers can really relate with a character so much that they want to keep that character with them. What better way than to have a picture permanently tattooed onto yourself to keep forever! This is one of the best tattoos of Midna that I have seen thus far. Although it does not contain much color it does not lose anything because of that. The shading is done extremely well and it kind of works with Midna since she is from the twilight realm and there are lots of shadows and different shades of darkness there. The fact that there is some color to her and that she isn’t completely void of color could kind of symbolize her transformation from seeming cold-hearted in the beginning of the game to being nicer and more affectionate near the end. Her hair is like a blondish color, she has the subtle blue patterns on her arms and legs and there is also that red gleam in her eye.

A simple triforce or other small symbol can relay affection for the Zelda series just as well as the most elaborate tattoo out there. A small triforce, a fairy or a three or four heart life bar are always nice. A Zelda magic bottle would be cool and I really wonder if anyone has a bottle tattoo. These are great examples of the simple approach.

What’s the opposite of simple? Complex of course! There are some big and busy ones out there. This could be for more than one reason. There might be a picture that is so magnificent that it just couldn’t be done justice by being small and, therefore, would need to be on a larger scale making it complex. Another reason may be that someone is indecisive and unable to choose which aspect of the game to use to represent them or they could just want to tell more of a story than one single picture could tell. In times like these, multiple pictures are mingled into each other to make a sort of montage. These can be amazing works of art.

Whatever type of tattoo is used to represent a personality, pretty, colorful, specific character, simple or all of the above, all that matters is the love of the game. What kind of Zelda/gaming tattoos do you have, if any? Anybody got a bottle!? Let me know in the comments!

Source: Whatculture.com