The Results Are In: Fans Want Voice Acting in Zelda

IGN recently posted an article about including voice acting in Zelda games and gave their readers a chance to vote on the issue. Now, the results are in and I have to say I am quite surprised. According to the poll, over 80% of fans want to hear voice acting in Zelda. Out of that 80%, 57.65% said they would replace the traditional text boxes with voice acting as long as Link stayed silent. The other 22.65% favored voice acting and didn’t care whether Link spoke or not. The final 19.7% preferred to keep everyone quiet and maintain the text box communication. There were 39,792 votes cast in this poll.

As I said, I was surprised to find that 80% of voters wanted voice acting. After reading comments from my previous post it seemed to me that people were pretty evenly split on this issue. My opinion still stands with no voice acting. It’s how Zelda has always been and it has worked. Now, if Nintendo ever did decide to make a Zelda game with voice acting I wouldn’t write it off right away. I would buy the game and give it a chance but I’m confident that I would like the text better than actual voices.

Do these results surprise you or are they what you expected? Does seeing these results change your opinion at all? If a Zelda game ever were to include voice acting would you give it a chance or ignore it altogether? Tell us in the comments.

Source: IGN