Skyward Sword World Map Uncovered

With the recent additions to the official Skyward Sword Website, many Zelda fans went digging a bit further to find some hidden goodies. In particular they picked apart the flash file of the map and found what the full map looks like. We don’t have any new names of these areas just yet, but it shows the western half of the overworld in all its glory. Jump inside for the full image, as well as my analysis.

Based on the names Faron Woods and Eldin Volcano, I’m speculating that part of this western region will involve the name Lanayru. My personal guess is that it will be referred to as Lanayru Desert. I’m also speculating that there will be two dungeons in this western area, and I think I’m going to guess that Skyward Sword in total will have seven dungeons. Here is my thoughts on these guesses.

The Forest area consists of two dungeons that we know of, the Skyview Temple and the Ancient Cistern. The Volcano area consists of two dungeons as well, the Earth Temple and the Fire Sanctuary. It is my belief that the Desert area will also contain two dungeons, one being the colored dungeon we’ve seen in some previews, as well as a second dungeon that has yet to be revealed. You’ll go in order, the Forest area, Volcano area, and then the Desert area for the first three dungeons… and then make a second trip through these areas for another trio of dungeons. I think these six will be the major dungeons, followed by the inevitable 7th dungeon that covers the end of the game. The final dungeon will server a similar role as Ganon’s Tower from A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, or Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess.

With just 21 days to wait until the European release, we’re in-line for two more weeks of Skyward Sword updates at the Japanese website. My guess is we’ll get the first desert area and the color dungeon revealed in the next update on November 3rd. Then the following Thursday evening we’ll get a deeper desert region as well as the second desert based dungeon. Regardless, we’re really drawing closer to the release of the game and many final details are being revealed. Be sure to stay tuned here at Zelda Dungeon for all the latest news and guides for Skyward Sword.

Source: Zelda Wiki via Zelda Informer

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