Official Skyward Sword Site Update: New Eldin Volcano Details

Every week Nintendo has been updating their Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Website, filling us in on portions of the map that aren’t visible yet by adding in new details, videos, pictures and more. Today Nintendo has updated the site once again, adding a new section of the map, and showing us videos and more of the Eldin Province.

With today’s new updates we get an in-depth look at the Eldin Province, and a ton of new details are revealed. We learn about new types of enemies, an upgrade to the digging mitts, Link’s clothes can and will catch on fire among many other things. If your interested and not afraid of spoilers jump inside for all the details!

  • Giant Lava Master has a roughly translated name of “Gumaamu”
  • There are upgraded Purple “Dark Lizalfos.”
  • Dark Lizalfos have the same attack style but are faster than their green counterparts.
  • There is an archery practice location found within Skyloft.
  • Bokoblin Base is a new area in the Firey Region.
  • The Bokoblin will steal all of Link’s inventory items and he must retrieve them.
  • In the new Fire-based dungeon, Link will have to save Mogmas.
  • It is here where he aquires the Mogma Mitts. These let you dig through certain spots where you can access other areas that seem impassable.
  • While digging you can break walls that block your way.
  • During the digging process you switch to a bird’s eye view of the game while moving about.
  • Deep in the Mountain of Eldin you will explore a very hot area.
  • Link will burn over time. Your clothes will light on fire and it will eat away at your health.
  • Link will need to find bulbs that hold water and these can be used to cool him down.
  • Link can be seen wearing an upgraded version of the Iron Shield.
  • The new fire dungeon translates to “Old Shrine.”
  • The Digging Mitts are upgraded to the Mogma Mitts.
  • Eldin Volcano is divided into multiple layers of sorts.
  • From Base of Eldin Volcano, then to the entrance towards inside of Eldin Volcano, to to the heart of Eldin Volcano and finally to the Old shrine.

Source: Official Japanese Website

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