Mystery of the Chris Houlihan Room

Chris HoulihanThe Chris Houlihan room has been an ongoing mystery in the Zelda world for the better part of the past decade. It was supposedly a hidden room found in a Link to the Past that could only be reached when the player went through a specific route and then dropped down a secret passageway outside of Hyrule Castle. Many Zelda enthusiasts have tried the various methods to find the room, many failed, and some even questioned the existence of such a room. The folks over at Game Trailers have recently started a new section at their site known as Pop-Fiction and episode #1 is about none other than the Chris Houlihan room.

You can click read more to watch the embedded video. It is a short video that takes you through the myth, the origin, the test, and the verdict, in which the existence of Chris Houlihan’s Room is proven to be a fact.

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