All of the footage is through Direct-Feed, meaning it is pulled straight from the game without the use of a camcorder. It’s some pretty high quality material and shows off quite a bit from Skyward Sword. A bullet point analysis can be found after the jump!

  • The flight area acts as a central hub and you will be traveling back to it often.
  • The flight area is similar to The Great Sea from The Wind Waker.
  • You will be able to land on some of the many rocks found and islands in the flight area
  • There is no shortage of things to spend your rupees on
  • There are lots of upgrades to gather, not just for the beadle.
  • Every enemy you face is a combat puzzle.
  • There will be no option to switch Link from right handed to left.
  • Skyward Sword’s storyline will contain the forging of the Master Sword.
  • Skyward Sword’s storyline will contain a connection between Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time.
  • Skyward Sword may contain a music instrument (Not Confirmed).
  • Skyward Sword has been designed for the Wii with no plans to be delayed to Wii-U.
  • Ghirahim’s diamond theme overcoat and magic may reflect the land below (Not Confirmed).
  • Skyward Sword will be strictly a single player game with no online capabilities.
  • The mushrooms will leave a new item Fungai Spores when sliced with a sword.

Source: GameSpot

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