16-Bit Gems: BS Zelda

This video, from Clan of the Gray Wolf’s show, “16 Bit Gems”, is an in depth view into Zelda Dungeon’s new favorite thing ever: rare Zelda titles. Well, perhaps it’s just a phase. *fingers crossed* Either way, this video is engrossing and humorous. The video looks at the games themselves as well as the mysterious Broadcast Satellite, or BS, peripheral for the Japanese-exclusive Super Famicon system.

The video is from a website, called ClanoftheGrayWolf.com, a website dedicated to video games, game reviews, and other things that are generally awesome. Some of their shows include “The Way Games Work” and “Painful Memories in Gaming”. They’re sort of like a team of specialized AVGN’s. Enjoy.

So what do you think? Will you take the video’s advice and play the games? Do you think they’re worth playing? Tell us your opinions in the comments.

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