We’ve already seen our fair share of gameplay from the upcoming Majora’s Mask 3D, but as we move ever closer to release, some of us can’t get enough of anything new. GamezGeneration on YouTube just posted 15 minutes of gameplay footage from the game’s first few hours for us to enjoy. The video follows Link from when he first confronts Skull Kid at the top of the clock tower to his initial entry into the Southern Swamp. In-between, we see pieces of the updated Termina Field and some changes made to the Song of Soaring.

The video shows how the confrontation with Skull Kid at the end of the three-day cycle is handled in Majora’s Mask 3D. For those who have not seen this cutscene in the remake, you may find that the dark, creepy tone is preserved. That sky is terrifying. We also see more of Termina Field at night, including the Bubble enemies.

One change that we notice upon entering the Southern Swamp is the placement of Kaepora Gaebora right next to the first owl statue. Rather than teach the player the Song of Soaring later on after the Deku Palace, he teaches you the song right at the start of the swamp. This is an interesting change as it fits with the other decisions to make owl statue use more convenient.

Are you okay with learning the Song of Soaring early? What else did you notice in the video? Share your thoughts with us.

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