We’ve already seen many videos comparing Majora’s Mask 3D to the Nintendo 64 original in our coverage of the game. But for those looking for a more lengthy comparison, Nintendo World Report TV just released their own video which focusing on the game’s opening and early moments in Clock Town. While much of the footage is content we’ve already seen in other videos, we do get to see a few more details of the remade Clock Town and the introduction of the Great Fairy.

I continue to be impressed by the amount of detail crammed into every crevice of Clock Town. Through the comparison video, we can see added details in the Stock Pot Inn, in posters scattered around town, and in the Great Fairy’s fountain. I will say that even with the sheer amounts of added detail, the Great Fairy still makes me uncomfortable. But that may just be something that can’t be fixed.

A little change I didn’t much care for can be seen when Tatl accuses Link for her separation from Tael. She no longer slants herself in a comical way (as seen in the above image), but looks at Link straight on. A change I did appreciate was the little Skull Kid icon that appears on loading screens. It’s a small addition, but still something to note.

What did you notice? Comment and let us know.

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